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Integration, optimization & support of automated systems


From design to start-up, we are able to go through all the stages of an automated system integration project. The results obtained by Reach Automation are the fruitage of innovating mechanical concepts associated with a well-integrated electrical control. For all your projects, you can count on us:

• Project management

• Electrical schematics (AutoCAD Electrical)

• Mechanical drawings (Autodesk Inventor)

• Reverse engineering

• Manufacturing control panels

• Addition of new functionalities on existing equipment.

• Programmable logic controller (PLC) programming

• Operator interface (HMI) programming

• Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system        programming

• Servomotor programming

• Instrumentation and control

• Integration of industrial vision systems

• Training of technical staff

• Reconditioning and retrofitting of obsolete equipment

• Manufacturing of custom equipment

• Upgrade of safety devices

• Any other integration of automated systems

• Troubleshooting and maintenance on automated systems

• Napkin Folder refurbishment

• Integration of marking and product traceability system

• Integration of labeling system

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