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Following the commissioning of this new compression system, we were able to confirm our predictions concerning its productivity. Indeed, the production line is now able to easily reach 5000 sheets per minute, in addition to offering a very short product changeover time. From now on, the change of product is carried out directly from a user interface and no longer requires maintenance personnel. Indeed, the virtual position and velocity parameters are entirely stored in the programmable logic controller. Then, the compression system no longer has the annoying tendency to become out of phase with the wrapper. Another aspect which has been greatly improved, is that the level of compression of the package is now adjustable in real time. We therefore no longer feel the need to stop the machine and put the heavy safety procedures (Lockout) in place in order to be able to adjust the level of compression. Following the installation of this system, the costs associated with the maintenance of this section of machine have fallen dramatically, in addition to offering a much higher reliability than the old system. Now, the overall equipment effectiveness  for this line clearly exceeds the expectations set by the client.

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